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The Interconnected World: How engaged are electricity customers with their utility?

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, we are all constantly connected. Even the Smartphone you carry has immeasurable reach, whether it is to specific people, to your work or home email, to your bank account, or even to tell you how … Continue reading

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Energy Efficiency: How can it be achieved at all levels of the power system?

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A recent ENBALAtalks blog entry discusses energy efficiency, providing background and context on how it is traditionally viewed and how industry perspective on energy efficiency needs to be expanded. A more holistic approach to grid operation that utilizes state-of-the-art smart … Continue reading

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Consider a New Perspective on Energy Efficiency

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Energy consumption is on the rise – it has been for several decades and forecasts predict that this will continue into the foreseeable future (see figure 1[1] ). It will become an issue as this proceeds in the years to … Continue reading

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The Evolving Electricity Grid: What are the challenges facing today’s power system and how can we solve them?

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Today’s electrical power grid is over 100 years old, has been carefully designed and engineered and a number of operational standards have been developed to ensure a reliable electricity supply. The Concepts Behind Traditional Power System Design The system design … Continue reading

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What’s Behind the Light Switch?

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The Basics of the Electricity Grid and How it Maintains Reliability You flick a light switch. The light turns on. You plug in your cell phone charger. It charges your phone. Electricity is at our fingertips, but have you ever … Continue reading

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Chasing the Peak: How to Cut Energy Costs and Contribute to a Reliable Power System

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As a commercial and industrial electricity user, are you aware of the concept of “chasing the peak?” As the modern grid becomes increasingly complex and multifaceted, more and more system operators and utilities are charging for electricity, based on the … Continue reading

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Can Your Electric Loads Help Manage the Power System?

Did you know that many electrical loads such as aerators, pumps and chillers have a hidden way to generate a new revenue stream while increasing the reliability of the power system? Let’s talk about Aeration Blowers Aeration blowers at a … Continue reading

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