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Energy Efficiency: How can it be achieved at all levels of the power system?

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A recent ENBALAtalks blog entry discusses energy efficiency, providing background and context on how it is traditionally viewed and how industry perspective on energy efficiency needs to be expanded. A more holistic approach to grid operation that utilizes state-of-the-art smart … Continue reading

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Chasing the Peak: How to Cut Energy Costs and Contribute to a Reliable Power System

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As a commercial and industrial electricity user, are you aware of the concept of “chasing the peak?” As the modern grid becomes increasingly complex and multifaceted, more and more system operators and utilities are charging for electricity, based on the … Continue reading

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Grid Balance: Who is in control here?

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“So you intend to remotely control my process?” is a top of mind question from large electricity consumers considering participation in ENBALA’s Grid Balance® program. While it is true that Grid Balance does influence the way a process runs, ENBALA … Continue reading

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Why the Smart Grid Needs Demand-Side Management

One of the challenges that “the Smart Grid” faces is demonstrating its value to the consumer.  This is because, at the end of the day, the consumer (the ratepayer), pays for everything. And if the ratepayer doesn’t perceive value from the Smart … Continue reading

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